A bit about myself


Id like to introduce myself to you all.

So a little bit about myself… first off;
I am a 20 year old food enthusiast. I live in most beautiful North Yorkshire, which means I’m surrounded by rolling green hills, fields of livestock, crops and my name sake, the Kilburn White Horse . It really is God’s country. In recent years I have developed a desire to use as much of what can be grown in the garden or bought locally, in my kitchen. I was raised as a vegetarian, but this does not mean that I am opposed to eating meat, I struggle with the texture, but do my best to try something if I am told it is excellent. I have always been artistic but studied science at university, I started this blog as a new creative outlet for myself as I not longer got to paint 6ft tall portraits or make wacky ceramic things all day long (sadface).

So here a few things to help you form a picture of me.
I love rose. Rosewater, rose gin, rose chocolate, rose tea, rose syrup, rose Turkish delight, rose cocktails, rose anything! However I have a few demands of the rose. It has to be natural, no died or unnatural looking rose petals for me and ideally picked from someone’s garden – ours are still fighting to grow and its mid November.
Markets – farmers markets, provence-esk markets, are an ideal way for me to wend away the day. I am a sucker for well presented, well sourced, good quality and original products. So I end up buying far more than I can eat/cook with.
Growing. Veg and flowers, its wonderful feeling to be able to cook and decorate your house with things you raised with your own fair hands!
Eating!!! Anywhere from street sellers, to cafes to fine dining restaurants. Doesn’t matter where or what, so long as its’ good!
Gin gin gin gin!!! I swear, whatever your ailment, a gin and tonic will sort you out. (no Gordon’s please)
The source of a thing is very important to me. I believe that in this age, there is very little excuse for serving or using badly sourced produce.  Better for the world, your conscience and your mouth!
I have recently developed a fascination for bees, beekeeping and honey – stemmed by the discovered of mead I think, that golden liquor is just heaven. Im on the path to keeping my own bees and currently use local honey in recipes whenever I can.
Finally  – Variety, creativity and originality. We veggies don’t want to eat butternut squash, spinach and lentils for the rest of time you know.

I am available for styling, recipe testing, reviews or just for a chat! Please get in touch via my email if you have any questions or queries!



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